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Chanuka At Home by Various
Audio CD
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Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, is a time for families and friends to come together, to sing songs, play games and exchange gifts. In this warm, "frielach" spirit, six of our most talented and renowned songwriters, storytellers and musicians have come together to give us a very special Chanukah present - It is entitled "Chanukah at Home." Dan Crow, Marcia Berman, Uncle Ruthie Buell, Pam and John Wood of J.P. Nightingale and Fred Sokolow consider themselves a "family" of performers who share the same sensibilities, support the same causes and strive for the same goals. Each one is committed to quality family entertainment with educational and spiritual value. "Chanukah at Home" reflects the light they cast on audiences wherever they go. Whether the songs are old or new, the timeless themes of family unity and freedom from oppression make this an album of universal appeal. It is an educational resource for teachers and parents, a celebration of memories for the elderly, and a gift of love for the entire family. (Copyright 1988 Rounder Records)

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