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Patterns in Jewish History:Insights into the Past,Present & Future of the Eternal People
Author: Rabbi Berel Wein
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Patterns in Jewish History is Rabbi Berel Wein's masterful, thematic exploration of the history of the Jewish people. Through the prism of timeless themes: education, customs, anti-Semitism, assimilation, the role of women, teachers and rabbis, the land of Israel and more, Rabbi Wein examines the values that have enabled the Jewish people to survive and thrive for three thousand years. Patterns in Jewish History explains how Jewish practice, traditions and responses to historical forces have varied over time and place, but how, more importantly Judaism's unchanging ideals have united the Jewish people throughout history from its very beginnings at the foot of Mount Sinai through modern times; from Europe to Africa, the Middle East and America. With characteristic depth of research, accessibility of language, and love of Torah, Rabbi Wein presents a remarkable history of a unique people.
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