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And Nothing But the Truth
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Author: Rabbi E. Oratz
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And Nothing But the Truth - Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, one of the most enigmatic figures in Chasidic history, lived by those words. His unwavering stance on all issues of Jewish life provoked, shamed and infuriated many; yet he also inspired loyalty and admiration--not only from his followers but from other Chasidic rebbes. The outlook of the Kotzker Rebbe adjured each person to stretch his abilities to the absolute limit. The Kotzker preoccupation with Truth is best expressed in the following concept: Be true to yourself; know yourself, don't fool yourself. Know both whom you are now and whom you can become. The three key sections of this book demonstrate this concept in its applications between Man and G-d, between Man and Himself and between Man and the World. And Nothing But the Truth - a fascinating collection of stories, insights and anecdotes from the Kotzker Rebbe, suffused with his philosophy of Truth.
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